This post should actually have been up about 6 weeks ago when I actually made the jam but you know how you get busy and things seem to be forgotten. I actually thought that I had posted it but realized as I was about to embark on another jam making adventure, figs this time, that I had not actually posted the mirabelle jam recipe.


This was my first ever jam making experience and I can honestly say for all those of you who might be hesitant about making jam – it is very easy!
The important thing I have realized after much research is the sterilisation process  can be scary and off-putting but there is good news. It all depends how long you wish to keep the jam. If you clean and boil the jars before putting the jam in and keep them in the refrigerator, they will keep several months and you do not have to second sterilize the jars after putting the jam in. If you wish to keep your preserves more than a few months and/or want to keep them on the shelf, then you need to sterilize the sealed jars after the jam is in them. It is not a difficult process at all, just a 10 minute boil and then let cool. I made only a few jars, 4 in fact and am keeping them in the refrigerator, so I did not do a second boiling process. It is important to clean and sterilize the jars and lids prior to placing the jam in them. After boiling, I place them in a low temperature oven to dry completely while I make the jam. After the jam is ready, pour into the cleaned jars, seal tightly and turn upside down. This creates a vacuum tight seal. Do not turn the right way around until they are completely cool, at least 6 hours.








1 kg / 2 lbs mirabelles
600 g  / 3 cups sugar – only 2 ingredients how easy can you get!

Wash and pit the mirabelles
Place in a large dish with the sugar and place in the refrigerator or cool place overnight
The next day, place in a large, heavy bottomed pan and bring to the boil on high heat
Boil rapidly for 10 minutes, constantly stirring
Lower heat and boil gently for 30 to 40 minutes
The jam is ready when you can place several drops on a cold saucer and it is not liquid and runny (note: place a small saucer in the fridge before you start)
Place the jam in your jars, seal and turn upside down until completely cool
Now all you need is butter and warm toast