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Autumn is a beautiful season here in the Dordogne. The countryside is ablaze with color. The colors of the leaves are amazing, ranging to deep reds to oranges, yellows and every shade of brown imaginable.IMG_5776 IMG_5777 IMG_5773

I especially love the yellows of the poplar trees and the scarlet color of trees that I unfortunately do not know the names of but luckily have a few in my garden to admire.  A chill has crept into the air, not yet the bite of winter but just a nip to let us know that summer has left us. It is the time of the smell of wood fires and pies cooking in the oven, apple, pumpkin, pear.  Squash of various shapes, colors and sizes abound at the markets. Grapes and apples are everywhere.


I have never seen or heard of as many different varieties of apples as exist here in France. Antares, Ariane, Belle de Boskoop, Braeburn, Elstar, Fuji, Gala, Golden, Granny, Honeycrunch, Pink Lady, Reine des Reinettes, Tentation and that does not include the lesser, regional varieties such as Baguet, Reinette de Mans, Calville rouge, Pomme de Coudre to name just a few!  I unfortunately do not have any apple trees but my neighbors, the Legers, have been incredibly generous and have been supplying me with bags and bags of apples from their orchard.  Several different kinds and all have their uses and purpose.  Some are best eaten raw, in salads, some make excellent jams and compotes, others melt gloriously into tarts, cakes and pies and some are perfect for savory dishes such as Boudin noir (blood sausage) with apples or roast pork and duck breast.  A cooks delight.
I will be sharing several apple recipes with you over the next few weeks and hope you will enjoy making them and sharing with your loved ones, or eating it all by yourself if you wish. No one will tell.IMG_5761 IMG_5756  IMG_5750 IMG_5720 IMG_5710 IMG_5711IMG_5772