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Issigeac is found to the south-east of Bergerac in the Perigord Pourpre region. Issigeac is a wonderful medieval village which is always particularly popular on Sunday mornings when it hosts one of the best markets in the area. The current town was largely built in the middle-ages, with buildings from the 13-16th century though its origins are much earlier. There are signs of pre-historic life, it was the site of a Gallo-Romain Villa and in the 10th century there was a monastery here linked to the abbey of Sarlat.

Issigeac doesn’t have a readily identifiable ‘town centre’ – rather it is a series of narrow winding streets lined with fascinating ancient buildings – some recently restored, others giving the impression that they are only standing due to the other houses hemmed in on both sides. This contributes significantly to the appeal of the village, in which it is easy to imagine yourself back in the 16th century. Issigeac really is a village not to be missed if you are in this part of the Dordogne. Many of the buildings are in whole or in part constructed in colombage.