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imageIf you want to know more details about how to cook asparagus, please look at the following link. It is very informative.–817/all-about-asparagus.asp

White asparagus is greatly prized in Germany, Holland, Italy and France and most of Europe but not very common in the US. White asparagus is actually asparagus that are grown under mounds of earth to protect its pale stalks from the sunlight inspired chlorophyll that would otherwise turn them green. Underground, the asparagus often grow fibrous and woody stems so they need a long cooking time compared to green asparagus and their skins tend to toughen. This is the reason that white asparagus is always peeled before cooking. The overall cooking time depends on the age and thickness of its stalks, but it is always considerably longer than the green variety – particularly since, white asparagus is never eaten crisp.
This recipe comes from the Auberge de…

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