Back again after what seems, and most probably is, a very long break. No real excuse really besides the pandemic I suppose. It is not that I have not been cooking; quite the contrary actually. I am no exception to all the rest of the world as it seems everyone was cooking way more. With no restaurants to go to and most things being closed and limited entertaining allowed, we all took to lots of cooking, recipe testing and developing. But, things are getting back to normal and I have been doing quite a bit of traveling, Alabama, Italy, Czech Republic and South Africa. It feels so good to be able to travel, experience new places, new foods, new wines etc. And I have also started giving cooking lessons again – on a more personal and limited scale but it is such fun to be back. The most recent ones much been South African, Mexican and Thai cuisine. I must admit that I had not really given much thought about starting the blog again but due to numerous requests from students and friends to share the recipes and new ones I have discovered and developed in the past two years, I have decided to go for it. Unfortunately, I have not been very good about photographing my recipes so it might take me a while to get everything up on the blog but I will get there. I do hope to hear from many of my loyal followers who have been in touch in the past. Here’s to our continued cooking adventures together.